What we do.

World first smart farming solution for fertilizers management and to detect crop disease to increase crop yield with water control tools. Majority of agricultural farms in the world are less than 2 acres and it is difficult for farmers in getting access to expensive technology to predict farm conditions and diagnosis. Sensegrass brings first smart farming technology with the combination of multispectral cameras and Aerial drone sensors for farm management with AI-based software. Sensegrass is a smart farming solution to solve agriculture issues with one software.

Nano satellite

More precise field mapping through nano satellite field images for big farms with accurate precision farming.

Drone sensors

Patented wireless drone sensors for more coverage and accurate data surveillance.

AI Prediction

No human involved, complete Artificial intelligence analyzing of data to give precise solutions for better cropping.

IoT Sensors

Sensegrass Patented soil sensors give us 360* soil data to measure more than 40 parameters to help farmers 24*7.


Lalit Gautam

Founder - CEO

Abhishek Khandal


Janmejay Singh


Aaditya Kumar Rai



Gilles Gambade

Mentor, Sensegrass, France

Sandy Xiu Ying Ye

Advisor, Denmark

Laura Frum

Corporation Advisor

Satish Nadig

Mentor - Operations