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A suit of smart 360 tools that power you with deep data-points & prescribe AI-ML powered agronomist engines

Soil intelligence Platform

A multi-end point soil intelligence platform which uses data from GIS, IoT sensor & public data to visualise the crop soil data and prescribe best sustainable practices.

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Process Automator

From Drip irrigation to rover based crop management system, we automate everything for optimal yield

Source Tracer

As in many other industries like OEM, source of produce is of high value. We leverage blockchain to track the perishability & origin

Food Grading

With Deep learning & neural net we have trained our image processing systems to grade with highest accuracy at lowest unit cost sorting.


Coming Soon! Contact sales for more information & Beta program. Aqua Sense is Robust multi-sensor hardware for Aquaculture

Digitizing Farming

360* Solution for Farmers and Crops- Sensegrass offering Patented Magnetic Sensor technology to measure more than 40 crop and soil parameters and combine with hyperspectral images to from crop and farm management also help farmers and companies to take the right decision for crops and help companies for lending and crop insurance.

Sensegrass IOT sensors monitor soil and water management and Drone images help us for field monitoring to help our Artificial intelligence algorithm to take the right decision and help farmers for better crop yield.

Plans & Pricing

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Buy our 2 Hardware IoT sensors for your farm and get 1 year subscription free

Soil analysis


Spacial Analysis

Rover Bot & more



Get everything from Basic + bundle of sensor and AI agronomist.

Soil analysis


Spacial Analysis

Rover Bot & more


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